10 reasons why you should join Network Marketing

10 reasons why you should join Network Marketing

10 reasons why you should join Network MarketingToday, I Will share you about the 10 reasons why you should join Network Marketing Business. The network marketing is also called as the MLM(Multi-level-marketing), or Direct Selling Business.

In the past few days, I have met with some people, and observed that the, they don’t want to involve in the direct selling business or Network marketing business or MLM. And after that, I have observed that the, why people are so resistive to the network marketing business. After meeting with them I  observed two main reasons, for the resistive nature towards network marketing.

The two main reasons, people are resistive nature towards network marketing :

1)  People don’t understand the network marketing business, how the business works. And spreading the negativities in the market, when they do not get success in Network marketing.

2) In the past few years, Many network marketing companies had started, and few of them was fraud companies, through which people having a fear to join the network marketing business.

In 2016,Govt. has approved the network marketing as a legal business, and made some rule and after that, the only genuine network marketing company exists in the Market. So, my dear friends, you can join any network market company in the 21st to build your own future.

Network Marketing not only gives you money and financial skills, But It also gives you life skills and growth skills. Whoever you are, whatever you do everyone should do network marketing for 2-3 years.

I will write an insightful article on why many people run away from this global business that has made more millionaires than any other industry in the world yet neglected by many so stay tuned.

Now Today let us look at 10 reasons why you should join Network Marketing

10 reasons why you should join Network Marketing

10 reasons why you should join Network Marketing

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1) Leadership ability

Leadership is too important because If you want to improve tour status and promote yourself to the highest level, you need to build a leadership quality into yourself. It is too important to enhance the level of the team and increase the performance of a team.

Network Marketing helps you to build the Leadership quality in yourself.

If you want to start the business and startup, leadership will help you build the perfect team with highly motivated people.

2) Public Speaking

This is the most important part of the 10 reasons why you should join Network Marketing.

In the 21st century, public speaking is very important to represent yourself in front of a lot of people. Fear of public speaking is 2nd biggest fear on the Earth. It doesn’t to which fields you belong, Public speaking is required in every field.

As a network marketer, you can go on the stage every day and easily overcome the fear of public speaking. I have seen a lot of people are spending lakhs of rupees to improving the public speaking. But In Marketing, you can easily learn the public speaking, and become a champion in the public speaking.

3) Ability to work in a team

When you are in a job, you cannot work in Team and cannot grow to the optimum level. If you join the network marketing company, here you have an opportunity to make your own Team and build your network, so according to your network, you will earn money. If your network is large, then you will earn a huge amount of money. And If you have not a skill to work in the team, so definitely You have joined the Network Marketing company to build these skills.

4) Communication skills

Communication skills are the main part of your life because it matters a lot, what are you saying. Your communication way defines your overall personality and behavior. I have met a lot of people in the past few days, they have not communication skills, and did not select for the interviews. And after that this scenario,  I have realized that communication skills are too important in the whole life. And Then I joined a network marketing company.

Network Marketing company develop communication skills.

5) Personality transformation

Your good personality is telling about your genuine and trustability to the other person. When you join the network marketing company, you will learn the following things:

  • how to do perfect dress up.
  •  How to talk to other people.
  • The way to walk
  • the way you go on stage.
  • You will learn the ability to listen to the NO.
  • Your positive attitude will be increased.
  • The way to handle rejection.
  • Time management skills.

My dear friends any college and schools will be not taught you about these above skills, But NETWORK MARKETING will be taught you in the practical life.


6) The business of The 21st Century

At this time when companies are laying off workers, Government owing salaries, contractors owed for jobs already executed,
banks no longer giving loans, Network marketing has continued to make millionaires on a daily basis. People who decide when and how to work and still make money from their little efforts. No wonder why one of the World’s wealthiest men Robert Kiyosaki calls it ‘the business of the 21st century’

7) Low Entry Fee

One reason why you should consider Network Marketing is because you do not have to break a bank to start it and you still have an opportunity of earning well. Many legitimate MLM companies I know requires just little startup fees and in most
cases this fee is paid just once (one-time). For example, Alliance in Motion Global Nigeria requires you to purchase product pack worth N38,000 to become a life member, Helping Hands International is just N6,600, while Swiss golden is about N46,000 etc. While there are options of registering multiple accounts, you can start with a single account and still earn well depending on your passion and work put in.
This is a major point benefit of the 10 reasons why you should join Network Marketing

8) Helps you raise the other Investments

It is a common knowledge that If you want to start any business, you need to invest money in the business. Suppose that you want to do a business of electronic equipment, boutique or fast food business. For that, you have to invest money in the business, and if you have not enough money to invest in the business.

Join the network marketing company, can be the fastest ways to raise the money to be needed to invest in the other business.

In India, there is the trend to start a business in the low investment, so once you earn a few thousands of rupees, so you can start your b own business, and can be invested into the other business.

Friends this is the powerful benefit of Network Marketing Company.

9) opportunity to help others

The major reason many people fail in MLM is that they want to climb to the top at the
expense of their downlines; this is a very wrong approach and accounts for why many people do not go far in this industry.
Network Marketing is more of a service than a business, it is more about helping others than making money. When you have this mentality, you will build a stronger team where everyone succeeds and makes money and being the team
leader, you make even more money; this is what we call the “Principle of Duplication” in MLM. When you duplicate, teaching your team the same strategies you use to succeed, they make money and you leveraging on everyone’s effort to make more money. Many people make the mistake of thinking that MLM business is for poor struggling fellows trying to survive, this is very very VERY wrong.
Robert Kiyosaki in one of his presentations told the audience how surprised he was to know that his Real Estate made Billionaire friend decided to join Network Marketing even as a Billionaire and when he approached him, he simply told him it is an opportunity for him to help others make money because when they do they can then invest into real estate.

10) It Can Be Done Part-Time

This is a last but the least point of the 10 reasons why you should join Network Marketing

The Network Marketing industry is the only industry in the world where you choose WHERE, WHEN and HOW to work. Unlike many
other industries, you do not have the right to decide when and how to do your job. Your Boss/company tells you when you
should resume the office and in most cases when you should leave the office as well. As a banker, my normal office
resumption time is 8:30 am meaning I should be in the office by that time but sometimes we will be required to be at the
office as early as 8:00 am when we have morning briefings/training. What am I trying to point out here? Whether as a banker,
government, onshore or offshore worker, you do not have total control of your time but Network Marketing business is so flexible that you can be on your full-time day job and still do well in it.


Dear friends, I hope you enjoyed 10 reasons why you should join Network Marketing. Above 10 reasons is too important to know for every person, who want to join the network marketing company and want to start the business.

Do you know any other reason? You can let us know using the comment box.

And Guys, share this post to those people, who are doing a network marketing business, and please suggest your review in the comment section.


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