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    2. 2021中國上海國際環博會

      發布時間 : 2021-04-27 10:35:49  瀏覽次數 :    

      2021中國國際環博會將于4月20日至22日在上海舉行。 我司擁有一個較大展位。許多新的項目已經完成 在本次展覽中展示了MBBR填料、協管填料、脫氣填料、多孔聚合物載體、濾刷等。第一天就有成千上萬的顧客參觀了我們的展位,獲得了很好的聲譽。

      The IE Expo China 2021 is being held in Shanghai from 20th to 22th, April. Small boss company got an big booth there. Many new items has been showed in this exhibition like MBBR media, tube settler, bio block, Porous Polymer Carriers, filter brush and so on. Thousands of customers visited our booth in first day and got very good reputation.