Four Ways of Earning money by Robert Kiyosaki

Four Ways of Earning money by Robert Kiyosaki

Four ways of Earning money by Robert Kiyosaki: Hello guys, In this Article, I will share you about the Four ways of Earning money by Robert Kiyosaki. Every person in the world, earn money in below four ways, also called the ESBI model. 95% of the money in the world is distributed in 5% of other people or vice versa.

I have extracted the ESBI model from the Rich dad and poor dad, and if you understand this philosophy, you can generate more money.

With that said, let’s understand the Four Ways of Earning money by Robert Kiyosaki.

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Four ways of Earning money by Robert Kiyosaki


the book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Kiyosaki clarified a key idea of ESBI.

As should be obvious in the above picture, the different qualities of individuals in every quadrant. We should examine the general population in every quadrant, and make sense of in which quadrant we wind up and how might we move to the most wanted quadrants.

First Quadrant: Employed

In this quadrant, we discover individuals who are workers. They generally work for other people and depend on different instruments which take the cash from them.

Vehicles and their life is a battle for survival. They regularly contrast themselves and other people who made what and in the process lose the total picture. They can’t gather enough riches during the time spent working for other people. Unfortunately, we find numerous in the public arena incorporating ourselves in this class. Buckle down, win cash, offer 30% to Govt as an expense, another 30% to banks as far as premium and carry on with a hand to mouth life. Purchase an ever increasing number of liabilities as houses, fear they are driven by insecurity, the process upon their compensation or installment they get from their manager.

They essentially work for other people. The minute they quit working, their salary stops and they wind up in monetary inconveniences. They are driven by the dread of losing their employment or wellspring of salary which is especially required for their survival. so they continue buckling down, change starting with one organization then onto the next which pays them somewhat better. Take advances to purchase vehicles, houses and to meet enormous uses as relational unions what not. To reimburse that credit they buckle down.

Second Quadrant: Self Employed

Individuals of this quadrant, don’t work for other people. they work for themselves. entrepreneurs, business visionaries fall in this classification. They are free. They need to endeavor to make their business run. On the off chance that they take and off from their business, their salary stops. So they likewise depend on the exception of the way that, One works for other people and alternate works for self. The minute both quit working, their pay stops. They additionally offer an assessment to Govt and acquire cash from banks to stand their business. They likewise like the workers run somewhat shot of making incredible riches and stay battling.

Third Quadrant: Big Business

Individuals in this quadrant make undertakings. They utilize brilliant individuals who work for them and develop their business. who profit for the proprietor. Also, the Business proprietor creating more cash from the business utilizes more individuals who further works more to broaden the business. Individuals in this quadrant are producing automated revenue as conceded to Employees and Self utilized. Since their pay doesn’t stop when they quit working. Individuals are as of now working for them. They are secure and produce riches simultaneously and continue getting to be financial specialists over the long haul. In any case, their Business still requires its essence and contribution.

Fourth Quadrant: Investors

People in this quadrant don’t work for cash. Their cash works for them. They have put resources into effective business and their organizations produce a nonstop stream of payments. Also, accomplish their budgetary objectives effectively. They have accomplished money related opportunity. Their business or endeavor doesn’t require its quality to create cash. That is the excellence of being a financial specialist.

So from the above quadrants which quadrant you wind up in. The fundamental reason for this composing is to wind up in the Right quadrants as opposed to one side quadrants. How might we move towards Financial Freedom? It isn’t so much that just a couple have the chance to accomplish it. We as a whole can accomplish it in the event that we change our attitude towards Life, Job, Money and all that we do on an everyday premise.

The essential thing is the manner by which we utilize the single penny we get. Are we utilizing for further riches creation or we are purchasing an ever increasing number of liabilities. How we see quite a while from now.

As yet working for other people or having an easy revenue out of our cash.


I hope guys, you have understood all the quadrant, which I have discuss s in this article “Four Ways of Earning money by Robert Kiyosaki”.

In short, the first quadrant about the employability, the second quadrant about the self-employability. The third quadrant about the Business,  and the last one about the Investor.

Guys these above poor quadrant is most important for you to understand the cash flow and finances also. You can easily transfer you from any type of quadrant to any quadrant, by improving your thinking.

In last, If you understand the Four Ways of Earning money by Robert Kiyosaki,.then share this article to your all friends and related, so that they can understand the cash flow, and can manage their finances also.

If you have doubt and suggestion, you can ask in the comment section. till then stay blessed and be full power.


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