Goal setting in simple 3 steps

Goal setting in simple 3 steps

Hello, guys Today we will talk about the Goal setting and why it is important in life…

I know you want to get success in your life and the question is how would you get success? Have you made the goal setting?

Is there is any distraction in the path of success? or you got demotivate after looking at the problems in your success path? If yes, then I’m a hundred percent sure that;  these 3 points will help you to achieve success.

Goal setting in simple 3 steps:

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step-1: Target the goal

Goal setting in simple 3 steps

First of all, you have to imagine the goals that you want you to achieve in your life and embedded in your subconscious mind.

After imagine; you have to be highly motivated about that goal and ask yourself can I achieve this goal? When you have confidence in order to achieve success, then you will never think about negativities. and never be afraid to take initiatives or try something new.

Till now you have targetted your goal.


step-2: make the step to achieving the goal

Goal setting in simple 3 steps

“How will you eat an elephant? – bit by bit, piece by piece”  

When you fix your goal setting and have taken initiative to achieve the goals. After that, sometimes you will not find the way that, how to reach and what step should be taken and 90% peoples got stuck in this situation.

Here you have to analyze your success path and just divide or cut down into step by step.

After cut into the small step, you will find that your vision has clear that where and how you want to reach in a specific time.

Here you have just cut down your success path into the small steps.


step-3: Give reward yourself

Goal setting in simple 3 steps

This is the last step but not the least;  till now you have imagined your goals and also have just cut down your larger success path into several steps.

When you achieve the small goals and progress step by step; your confidence level would be high.

But If you do not achieve your goals after several successful steps after that you feel like a demotivated and starts to think about the quit.

In order to maintain the motivation inside yourself, you have to reward yourself after achieving the small milestone, this reward motivates you to do try something new. After than; your mindset will be fixed and you are motivated to try something new to achieve more milestone.

But speed is also important how much time you are consuming to achieve a particular task or milestone because time is more valuable than money.  for speed up, you have to make a strategy, so that you can achieve your more target at a specific time.

Or you can understand in the other manner; In a PUBG game you have seen that there is the blue zone which follows you that means, you cannot go behind or slow your speed and otherwise, you will lose.

similar to the blue zone Imagine that; this is a darkness which is following you and If you do not increase your speed then you will be hidden in the darkness. and Finally, you will lose your dream or goal.



these are the three simple steps for goal setting and If you follow above these important three steps, definitely you will get success.

you want to achieve big in your life and having a big goal, visualize it and breaks into the simple and easy steps which help you to achieve the goals.

after converting the success path into the small steps,  reward yourself after achieve each and every milestone. which will motivate you to achieve more and more and create curiosity inside yourself.

To increase your speed, make your proper timetable that will remind you what you have done or not.

for more details:



1) Don’t be afraid when you are going to try something new.

2) your mindset should be clear that what you want to do.

3) never lose your confidence level when you are stuck at any level of your life.

4)Be motivated at every tough situation of your life, It will raise your confidence level.

5) Be happy and keep a smile.


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