How To convince people for sales in 6 steps

How To convince people for sales in 6 steps

How To convince people for sales in 6 steps: Developing the power of persuasion will get ahead in business and personal relationship. Whether convince a client to make the big purchase or convince parents to let out for weekends. Construct a convincing power is important for everybody because everyone is doing sells in their life indirectly. Every person is convincing to other people for his work, its also called sells.

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Are you ready to learn  How To convince people for sales in 6 steps?

How To convince people for sales in 6 steps


How To convince people for sales in 6 steps

Step 1: Research

To convince people for sales, first of all, you need to understand people like his mentality, psychology etc. You have to do all research about the prospects and try to find about his goal or problem. To do this you have to 30/70 rules that means speak 30% and listen 70%. It will help you to understand the prospects philosophy.


Step 2: Try & Test

Have you used Your product at an optimum level? If you stuck, when prospects ask a question, then you will lose your sell. You have to be complete knowledge about your products and services before during prospecting. say this “a lot of peoples are using our products and services and getting benefits in their life”.

you have to show some of your good results so that prospect’s trust builds on your brand. Which motivates him to purchase your products, and he feels that his problem can also be resolved easily.


How To convince people for sales in 6 steps


step 3: pleasure and pain rule

When you found the prospects’ goal or problem, After that you can apply pleasure and principle rule. It has been scientifically proved that emotional brains are working more than the logical brains. And you can connect with his emotional feelings either solve his problem or achieve the goal.

GOLDEN STATEMENT: represent your product either to solve the problem or achieving the goal of prospects.

so How would you apply  pleasure and principal rule:

first, you have to talk about the prospect pleasure it means you have realized the benefits of products in prospects life and how he can enjoy and make his life easy and comfortable.

secondly, you have to talk about problem or pain in his life, say, sir, you are facing a lot of problems in your life and it would be better by using these products.

step 4: confidence is the key

You have to be confident whenever you talk with prospects because of about 60% of sales is done due to your confidence. you have to solve all queries of prospects in an easy and confident way so that he can buy your products and services.

the confidence matters a lot in the sales and have to show your all previous data and proven facts to the prospects in order to win the prospects and said, its a need of every person in nowadays.

step 5: know your value

If you are sitting in front of the prospects and talking with him about your product and services. If you think that prospect is useless, then you have to leave them, because time is limited, not people.


TIME IS MONEY, or If you think that prospects listening to your all things, then you have to show your product’s values. Don’t lower the price of the product, create its value and definitely prospects buy your product and services.

step 6: closing the prospecting

How To convince people for sales in 6 steps


Finally, It’s the last step of How To convince people for sales in 6 steps.

Closing the presentation is very important in prospecting, closing plays a main role in the prospecting. But the question is that how to closing?

Once you have finished the presentation, clears all doubt of prospects regarding products and services.

You have to use these below words because of its a golden statement, in closing the presentation.




After using these words or golden statement, You can say that, trust me this is the best services and products and you will not get from anywhere.

After then, your prospects definitely, guys, this was the tactics of closing.


Knowledge of Sales is important in each and every field.  Either you are convincing your parents or convince your client to make a big purchase.

If you use the above rules that is, How To convince people for sales in 6 steps, Definitely you will be the master in sales.

So, Implement the above tactics How To convince people for sales in 6 steps.

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