Importance of money in our life

Importance of money in our life

Importance of money in our life: today I’m gonna talk about some import things about money. Yeah, It’s true that money plays a main role in our life.

Before talking about the Importance of money in our life, I would like to share a very important short story which motivates me to write this article.


On 22nd September 2018: when I was in the park and doing exercise at around 6:00 am. I suddenly saw that there were 3-4 squirrels eating a small piece of grass and searching for food for their kits.

After a few minutes when I finished my exercise around 6:45, and went a home, again I saw the same scenario, that they were searching for food. After the whole scenario, I Observed they searched for food around 45 minutes (6:00 am-6:45 am) continuously without taking rest even a couple of second.

In a way of my home, I observed, peoples are running behind money to fulfill their basic need.

In both observations, the moto of peoples and squirrels was the same that is, fulfill their basic need. peoples go for money for their needs while squirrels do not because they don’t understand the importance of money. But there are a lot of peoples who also don’t understand the importance of money in their life.

So, Money plays an important role in our lives to fulfill our basic need.

let’s have a look at the importance of money in our life.

goal setting in a simple 3 steps:

Importance of money in our life

Importance of money in our life

“Money is not everything but you need money for everything”

Money is a special commodity that helps you to run your life. Without money, you cannot buy anything that you want. Money cannot buy all thing but practically, If you see, money tells the status of the person.

In fact, in today’s world Money has gained its value because people are trying to save wealth for their future needs.

  • Rich people are rich because they understand the true value of money in their life. and hence also have money managing skills to run their business. It says that, If you know the value of money, money will always stay in your hand.
  • Money helps you to stable your financial problem. but you should be careful that your money does not transform you into another person.
  • Money gives you an opportunity to live a better life. With a lot of lifestyle diseases plaguing society nowadays, it is important that you would be able to secure the best medical healthcare service and vitamins and other supplements for your family. Having access to the best hospitals and procedures would help you become physically better – and you and your family would be all the better for it.
  • you have fewer worries about the meeting of the necessities. Because If you have money in your pocket you have good foods as well as cloths. And If you have a bank balance, it will keep your family comfortably in the future.
  • The poor and middle-class family generally suffers from the money issue after a certain time. Which leads to the big problem in the future. They lack in their thinking because they do not try to earn more money. They always adjust or sacrifice them in limited money and always try to save money.
  • Money also plays the main role in the field of Education. In the 21st century. the educational cost is going on increasing every year. The poor and middle-class family also suffers. you know that education is so important for every person. So money is so important in our life.

Importance of money in our life


In the above article, you read about the Importance of money in our life. Money plays an important role in our lives for a different purpose. Whether it would be fulfilled our basic need or live a luxurious life. It plays the main role in different field like education, health, in order to meet the basic needs of our lives.


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