Top 10 Personality development tips

Top 10 Personality development tips

Top 10 Personality development tips: Do you have a good personality? If no, Do you want to develop your personality? so, my dear friend, you are in the right place. At arriving at a certain age, every person starts to think about his personality. And he wants to develop his personality to the optimum level.

Every person has its own identity and quality, which make him/her unique from the other. But every person wants to improve his/her personality, at that place personality development comes in. There are many institutes which provide you the personality development course at a high cost.  Do you have any idea about what exactly personality is and how does personality develop? If you think personality means looking good and attractive then my friend you are absolutely wrong. Personality is a very broad term and takes into account the physical as well as the mental state of an individual. I have enlisted a top 10 Personality development tips which help you to make you an attractive personality.

Top 10 Personality development tips


 Top 10 Personality development tips

1) Develop an attractive personality:

Do you have an attractive personality? If no, so my dear friend you need to understand the below three points, which helps you to understand and develop your personality.

In general 3 types of people exist:-

  •  Nice people: In this category, people are staying and working with a community or group, But not contribute their knowledge or suggestion in the group, That’s why they are not dominating in the group.
  •  Jerks people: Jerks people are those people, they have confidence and never hesitate to anybody during talking. In fact they some ego as well and sometimes they look offensive for the others.

 Alpha people: Alpha people have a high class and high standards for people. These people are rich from their mentality and leading a high-performance team through leadership skills.

Alpha people are dominating over the jerks and nice people, and Alpha having all quality which other both category have not. Like leadership skills, communication skills, leading skills and negotiation skills as well.

Identify yourself that, in which category you belong and try to make you belong to the alpha category.


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2) Increase the confidence level:

Do you have a high confidence level? Are you dominating the other people during conversation? If no, so just have a look that, how to increase the confidence level.

  • making eye contact is too important during the conversation, it will increase your confidence level, and showing your maturity level.
  • If you belong to the alpha person, you need to dominate your conversation. It means along with making eye contact, you can interrupt the other person if he is wrong, and raise your voice. And you have also does a voice modulation during a conversation because it puts a strong impact on other people.
  • Always take a pause in during the conversation (2-3 minute), you don’t need the jump when another person has finished his talks.
  • Never use partial sentences during a conversation like “Ummmm”.

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3)Create a strong self-image:


After completing the 1st and 2nd step, you need to create your own strong self-image. You need to consider yourself as a gentleman and high profile person.

You can easily make your strong self-image after giving the below question’s answer.

  •  Suppose that You are a high-value person, whose time and attention is craved by a lot of people. What are your rules to give time and value?
  •  And What are the things you like that people also like?
  • What are the qualities you have or you can develop that people find attractive?

4) Create your own Identity in front of people:

If you have done above three steps in the perfect manner, so these points will help you to proceed to develop your personality. Actually what other people think about you?

You can easily create your own identity in front of any person, once you have given the answer the below question?

  • Who are you? How do you want to be perceived by others?
  • What is your image? Does your look reflect the identity you have chosen?
  • What is your social circle? Do you hang out with people the enhance your identity and respects?

5) Increase your value:

This is the most important points of Top 10 Personality development tips. And many people have already raised their value after implement this point.

  • You need to apply the scarcity principle, This principle based on the demand and supply rule. The demand and supply are inversely proportional to each other. When demand increases meanwhile supply decreases. In short, Be unavailable if the benefits you will gain is less than the effort you put in.
  • your likeability is depended on the psychological factors.
  • Don’t jump to return the phone calls.
  • Not being available for a meeting, If you have something more important to do.



6) Avoid these behaviors or you’ll spoil your image:

  • Most of the people are looking at the negativities of the other people, and they attract the negative thing always. You don’t need to do the same, you have to see always positive things in the other people and meanwhile, you will see that everything becomes positive in your life.
  •  Don’t try to dominate at every time, because it is the sign of being a boss. Not everyone wants to boss in his life, so you have to become a leader.
  • Never do arguments, because in arguments nobody can win.  Simply You need to listen to the other person and ask a question that is ”why”, and after some instant, he/she will be stuck and you can easily win conversation without doing any arguments.
  • Never checked out any girls, because of its decrease your identity/value in front of the other’s person.

7)  3 behaviors that spoil your image immediately

  • Never tell about your achievements to other’s people because they are not interested in your personal life and never bragging.
  • Don’t put yourself; it down your personality and willpower also. Always be in a well dressed.
  • Don’t put others person down in front of you.

8) Improve dressing sense:

  • Casual dressing style: It should be fit and not loose at more because it looks like dumb. And try to maintain your body shape, for that you have to do exercise on a regular basis. Especially in the morning time.
  • If you’re in a T-shirt; so make it in your paint.
  • You can put the blazer over the T-shirt when you have a put T-shirt inside your paint.

Formal dressing style: Avoid strips shirts or printing shirts; wear a plain shirt and you can wear a suit on over it.

  • I prefer to wear a Dark suit more than the light suit.
  • Your cufflinks colors should match your belt’s color.
  • Your shoes should be neat and clean.
  • Your hairstyle should be according to your face style.

Let’s move towards the next important points of Top 10 Personality development tips.

9) Improve Body language:

If you have the above skills, but You don’t have a perfect body language, so my dear friend you will lack some point.

  • People do judge you by your body personality, that is 70%, which is a large percentage.
  • Your 23% body language is decided by your style of speaking ways, that how you’re talking with the person.
  • Your 7% body language is decided by actually what are you speaking. Because of what type of content you’re using during the conversation, it’s important.

Human is able to start speaking at the age of 2 years, but what he/she should talk, most of the people lack at this point.

10) Advance body language:

This is the last point of Top 10 Personality development tips, but not the least. This point is very crucial for personal growth and development.

Top 10 Personality development tips

  • Always stand in a cowboy posture, it means always be open your body. Your Leg should be on a shoulder level.
  • Your neck and head both should be straight.
  • You can put your thumb into your pocket during stand.
  • Never put your finger’s toward anyone, Puts your whole hand towards the other’s people during conversation.
  • Your handshake should be strong and sitting posture always be open.


Personality development is very important in every aspect of life, so that’s why I have shared you the most Top 10 Personality development tips. If you implement the above Top 10 Personality development tips definitely you can develop your personality to the optimum level and you’ll get success early.

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