Top 6 ways to improve the selling skills

Top 6 ways to improve selling skills: Improving selling skills is very important for you Either you’re or you’re not a salesperson. Selling skill is important in every aspect of life like, In a Relationship, handling with people or handling with client etc.

Selling is very difficult for introverts, even more, if the thing they are selling himself. In the sales industry, you have to be an open person and don’t hesitate to anyone while talking.

Only below 3 types of people will survive in the future.

  • Those people who have the knowledge and know how to implement that knowledge.
  • Those people who have people and managing skills.
  • Those people who have selling skills.

If you have seen millionaire and billionaire, they all having the selling and people skills. For instance bill gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Mukesh Ambani steve jobs etc.

With that said, Here we outline Top 6 ways to improve the selling skills after understanding human psychology.


Top 6 ways to improve the selling skills

1) Listen

Apply the 30/70 principle rule, In this rules, During talking with the prospects, you need to listen the more about the prospects. Speak 30% (less) and listen 70% (more), this strategy will help you to understand the prospects.

Introverts are naturally better at listening than they are at talking. This can be a real strength when it comes to selling. Although many salespeople are non-stop talkers and do win sales with their brainstorming chatter, not everyone responds well to this technique. Ultimately, people like to be heard and respected.

Actively listening to your potential customer’s needs and then explaining how you can help meet those needs sets the tone for a long-term, collaborative working relationship and not just a one-time sale.

2) Use social proof

According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising. Word of mouth marketing is so persuasive. You can use this to your advantage by asking current clients if they would recommend you.

Ask for direct referrals, a shout-out on LinkedIn or incentivize customers to bring along a friend, depending on the nature of your business. Gathering a selection of written testimonials and online reviews can help you sell, without having to blow your own trumpet.

3) Do advanced research

Potential customers will be impressed if you’ve taken the time to learn about them before pitching.

Introverts people are often good at researching, so you will be in your element as you find out about your prospect and their organization. Having this knowledge will give you the confidence to start a conversation, even if it’s a ‘cold’ contact you’re approaching.

4) Be yourself

People buy people. It’s not always the most qualified person who gets the job or the company with the cheapest quote that clinches the deal. We get a ‘feel’ for people and decide if we want to do business with them.

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It can be hard for introverts people to express their personality. However, going in with a smile and sharing some information about yourself that helps you find common ground can get your relationship off to a good start.

5) Create a goal

You have to point out that, which selling skills you need to improve. For instance, If you want to get better at selling over the phone call. Write down the activity goal that you can control, such as calls per day, referrals per day on the phone. Then work with passionate towards your goal with the time limit.

Day by Day, measure and track your progress. creating the goals helps you to focus your attention and energize your action.

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6) Talk about money

And frankly, the context most customers are interested in is cost. Not opportunity cost or time cost, but dollars. Those running a business have a constant eye on the balance sheet and, even if you don’t bring it up, will likely have thoughts on the budget while you deliver your pitch. So alleviate that barrier to entry by identifying the cost of your product. Talk about matters in terms of real dollars and cents. This may seem counter-intuitive, but putting the price in front of the customer actually reduces the cognitive burden associated with fear and uncertainty and opens the door to better trust and better conversion.


In this article, you have learned the Top 6 ways to improve selling skills. Selling skills is too important in every aspect of life, and only three types of category will survive that I have shown at the beginning of the article.

After reading the  Top 6 ways to improve the selling skills, you can crack each and every sale, because understanding the people id too important. And I have discussed each and every aspects of sales.


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